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Equine veterinarians urged to report problems with Gastroade Xtra

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 27, 2015

Some lots of OTC omeprazole drug may be subpotent; product lacks FDA approval.

Two horses in South Carolina die with clinical signs that may point to monensin poisoning

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 14, 2015

Manufacturer says there is no evidence to indicate contamination; ranch owner says multiple tests confirm monensin in feed.

Feed manufacturer settles with horse owners after fatal monensin poisoning

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 14, 2015

With 12 horses now dead and several more deteriorating at Florida facility, company agrees to pay all veterinary bills and replace lost horses when owners are emotionally ready.

New members join American Association of Equine Practitioners board

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 01, 2015

President, vice president, treasurer and board members will serve through 2017.

The spectacle of the mane event

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 01, 2015

An injury to a horse's leg results in an unusually hairy situation.

Equine medicine

Anatomy of veterinary equine laminitis

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 01, 2015

An overview of how this debilitating equine condition affects the foot.

Recent advances in veterinary equine laminitis

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 01, 2015

In addition to promising treatment options, veterinary equine researchers are working to identify horses at risk for laminitis before the debilitating disease sets in.

Dr. Larry Bramlage: A career dedicated to healing horses

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 01, 2015

This renowned veterinary orthopedic surgeon says his success has been due to a lot of luck and stumbling into the right mentors along the way.

Kissing spines in veterinary equine patients: Easy to diagnose, complicated to treat

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 01, 2015

Imaging results, clinical signs and individual circumstances all play a part in addressing this increasingly prevalent condition.

Equine drug Gastrotec recalled until manufacturer obtains FDA approval

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Dec 17, 2014

Omeprazole-misoprostol combo marketed to public without safety and efficacy data, FDA says.

Equine financial management

Is it time for you to haul equine patients in?


If the day-to-day struggles of an ambulatory equine practice are wearing you down, it may be time to consider building, buying, or renting a haul-in facility.

The changing mixed veterinary practice business landscape


The future of mixed-animal practice will survive if practice owners are willing to compromise with associates.

Guenther's go-to advice for equine veterinary practice management


Nobody knows equine practice management like Jim Guenther. Here are five of his best articles from over the years.

7 money-saving tips to help cover the cost of gas


Use these tips to help your equine practice save money. That extra cash will come in handy as gas prices reach all-time highs this summer.

Equine veterinarians: Sell your veterinary medical records & ride into the sunset


Medical records are worth more than the paper they're printed on. When it's too hard to sell your equine practice outright, consider selling your best asset—your clients.