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Photos: DVMs save horse with prosthetic

DVM360 MAGAZINE - May 18, 2016

Colorado State veterinarians save a miniature horse with a foam-lined ski boot ending in bike-tire treads.

A veterinary C-section by the sea

DVM360 MAGAZINE - May 16, 2016

When my small animal practitioner-wife and I were the only hope for a desperate mama goat, we relied on skills learned from a former veterinary school mentor: Be adaptable and make do.

USDA announces $4.4 million for veterinary loan repayment

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Apr 12, 2016

In exchange, veterinarians work in underserved communities.

Sorry! Wrong number! Adventures in equine texting

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Apr 01, 2016

Technology is great tool for connecting with clients. Just use it carefully to avoid Dr. Brock’s embarrassing mistake.

$20 million donated for Colorado State stem cell research facility

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Mar 11, 2016

Veterinarians, physicians will benefit from collaboration funded by horse health enthusiasts.

Equine medicine

Dangerous beauty: Oleander toxicosis in dogs, horses and more

Pet Poison Helpline - May 03, 2016

A current case of intentional poisoning with this deadly plant sparks the question: Can you spot the signs and save the patient?

Surgery STAT: How to perform a standing enucleation in horses

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Apr 18, 2016

Under the right circumstances, you can skip general anesthesia and remove a neoplastic, traumatized or severely infected eye right in the field.

Are the equine redheads really the tempests of the horse world?

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Mar 30, 2016

Researchers take a closer look at the chestnut horse's fiery image.

Feeding the broodmare for the health of the foal

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Mar 24, 2016

Proper diet is important throughout equine gestation, but it’s especially critical in the first and third trimesters.

Equine lameness: Subjective versus objective assessment

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Mar 15, 2016

Veterinary researchers are weighing in on this question critical to optimal horse health and owners' pocketbooks.

Equine financial management

A national look at nonveterinary ownership


This interactive map collects information on laws governing nonveterinarians owning or partly owning veterinary practices as relatively traditional corporations. Remember that laws are always changing, some attorneys have new ways to allow nonveterinary ownership, and your success will be based on the appropriate practice agreement you craft with your own lawyer. Now dive in!

Vet Econ is done ...


... giving you veterinary business and lifestyle advice the same ol' way.

Equine industry may be recovering, according to survey


10,000-plus horse owners report stable, even increased, activity.

10 revenue-boosting tactics to pay staff more


If your team members deserve better compensation—and if you want to keep the best of the best, they do—you need to boost your revenue. Here’s how to make it happen. Plus, data from 2015 Firstline Career Path Study.

Is it time for you to haul equine patients in?


If the day-to-day struggles of an ambulatory equine practice are wearing you down, it may be time to consider building, buying, or renting a haul-in facility.