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15 race horses test positive for equine piroplasmosis

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Sep 14, 2016

Human use of contaminated equipment or product is the main risk of transmission.

11 things you love about equine medicine

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Sep 14, 2016

As an equine vet (or technician), you've been covered in so much sweat and dirt it forms a paste on your skin. You've wondered, "What's that smell?" Then realized it was you. And you've borne the burden of delivering the news that this horse the owner was counting on still isn't pregnant. Here are a few reasons to celebrate your unique work life.

10 trivia questions for equine enthusiasts

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Sep 07, 2016

Whoa! Stop what you’re doing and try your brain, which weighs about twice as much as a horse’s brain (that’s a freebie), at these horse trivia questions.

Raising the barn on equine veterinary care


With an outdoor arena and client observation areas, this new equine hospital is a dream for patients and clients.

Keeping your head above water: The aftermath of the Louisiana floods

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 24, 2016

The tireless efforts of the Cajun Navy alongside countless veterinary volunteers from LSU and beyond keep hope afloat for the people and animals affected by historic Louisiana flooding.

Equine medicine

15 race horses test positive for equine piroplasmosis

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Sep 14, 2016

Human use of contaminated equipment or product is the main risk of transmission.

Equine piroplasmosis: What, how and why

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 24, 2016

What it is, how it’s transmitted—and why this tick-borne disease might be going away.

17 horses test positive for equine piroplasmosis in Tennessee

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 17, 2016

State veterinarian’s office investigating the incident.

My major misstep in front of the Marlboro Men

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 11, 2016

Dr. Brock reflects on how life goes full circle—but a nasogastric tube shouldn't.

A pain in the joint: Using hyaluronic acid for equine inflammation

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 01, 2016

A proactive approach with HA may help delay onset of osteoarthritis in racehorses and other equine athletes.

Equine financial management

Equine veterinary associates: Getting out from under the boss's shadow


How practice managers and owners can make sure their newest doctor is a success.

A national look at nonveterinary ownership


This interactive map collects information on laws governing nonveterinarians owning or partly owning veterinary practices as relatively traditional corporations. Remember that laws are always changing, some attorneys have new ways to allow nonveterinary ownership, and your success will be based on the appropriate practice agreement you craft with your own lawyer. Now dive in!

Vet Econ is done ...


... giving you veterinary business and lifestyle advice the same ol' way.

Equine industry may be recovering, according to survey


10,000-plus horse owners report stable, even increased, activity.

10 revenue-boosting tactics to pay staff more


If your team members deserve better compensation—and if you want to keep the best of the best, they do—you need to boost your revenue. Here’s how to make it happen. Plus, data from 2015 Firstline Career Path Study.