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Exotic-animal news

Good as new: CSU Veterinary Hospital’s grizzly patient settled at new home

7-year-old Marley underwent surgery for two broken elbows after being rescued from a roadside park in Georgia.

New research reveals fish are smarter than we thought

Discovery of 'parallel vision' in zebrafish may offer insight on treatments for stroke, ADD.

Is your ego bigger than a giraffe?

Don’t assume you know how to handle every exotic case that falls in your lap.

Conference calls for collaboration between human and veterinary doctors

Organizers hope conference will encourage translational medical programs

Pets and Vets: Veterinarians in Florida remove 4-pound hairball from tiger

Ingested fur proved too large to remove by scope.

Exotic-animal medicine

Life as an exotics DVM: The short version

Here’s what I wish everyone at veterinary practices knew about exotics veterinarians.

Reliable and consistent anesthesia in large carnivores

Often even routine medical procedures on large carnivores require that the animal be anesthetized. Here, Ryan DeVoe, DVM, MSpVM, DACZM, DABVP, clinical veterinarian with Disney’s Animal Kingdom, tells a tale of his staff staying chilled out while attending to a polar bear.

Is your ego bigger than a giraffe?

Don’t assume you know how to handle every exotic case that falls in your lap.

Video: Tips for sedation and anesthesia in turtles and tortoises

Dr. Stephen Divers discusses anesthesia in chelonians using a drug that is on its way to being approved for use in the United States.

Avian medicine

Veterinarians should alert clients to the top 5 toxins in companion birds

These common household items could put your veterinary clients' pets at risk of illness—or even death.

Video: Poultry practice: From the backyard to your clinic

Follow this advice to expand your expertise in this area of avian medicine.

AVMA watches new year's resolutions

The organization?s legislative agenda lists bills that may affect its members in a variety of ways.

Acting on the fly: A veterinarian's little brother gets into a sticky situation

Veterinarian Bo Brock's doctor-brother gets 'stuck' in an ostrich hunt.

Video: Cock-a-doodle-DON'T

Devoicing and debeaking are complex veterinary surgical procedures performed on roosters to keep them from making noise and fighting. Dr. Eric Klaphake offers his views on these techniques and how to explain them to clients.