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Exotic-animal news

CSU veterinarians rehabilitate ailing African lion

Specialists treat Guero's broken neck and damaged teeth with steroids and dental surgery.

Good as new: CSU Veterinary Hospital’s grizzly patient settled at new home

7-year-old Marley underwent surgery for two broken elbows after being rescued from a roadside park in Georgia.

New research reveals fish are smarter than we thought

Discovery of 'parallel vision' in zebrafish may offer insight on treatments for stroke, ADD.

Is your ego bigger than a giraffe?

Don’t assume you know how to handle every exotic case that falls in your lap.

Conference calls for collaboration between human and veterinary doctors

Organizers hope conference will encourage translational medical programs

Exotic-animal medicine

3 top tips for new ferret owners

Those furry, floppy, fun-loving ferrets can heap tons of trouble on their nearly shoulderless bodies without meaning to. Help new ferret owners protect their furry little friends with these quick tips from Tracey Ritzman, DVM, DABVP.

Journal Scan: Reptile wellness management

Improper care is the No. 1 reason reptiles are brought into the veterinary clinic.

Helping fish flourish: Environmental enrichment for aquatic species

Fish aren't your typical veterinary patient, but some clients may have questions about their care. Be ready to answer!

Fipronil toxicosis in rabbits

At one time, veterinary spot-on topical fipronil formulations for dogs and cats were recommended for extralabel use in rabbits, but no more. Exposure to these products can cause life-threatening signs in rabbits.

Call of the wild

No two days are the same for Busch Gardens’ senior veterinarian, who cares for about 300 species.

Avian medicine

State fairs ban live poultry exhibits amid influenza concern

Officials hope to quell the transmission of disease by limiting transport of flocks.

U.S. government makes plans to stockpile avian flu vaccine

Goal is to prepare for potential recurrence of highly pathogenic virus this fall.

Researchers develop new vaccine for lethal disease of pet parrots

Avian Bornavirus causes blindness, heart failure or intestinal blockage.

The exotic pet care toolkit

Whether your practice sees exotic pets or you simply field a phone call every now and then, arm your team to educate clients on exotic pet care using these tools.

Six tips for your veterinary clients with backyard chickens

These gentle birds are a great way to start with avian species.