Veterinary journalist society will certify media contributors

Veterinary journalist society will certify media contributors

Feb 16, 2011
By staff
Denver -- A new organization is offering veterinarians a chance to become certified to contribute information about the profession and animal health to the mainstream media.

The American Society of Veterinary Journalists (ASVJ) will certify veterinarians and allied animal health professionals who contribute veterinary medical information to public media, according to ASVJ Executive Director James Humphries, DVM, CVJ. He says the system will be similar to the American Meteorological Society stamp of approval given to professional weather persons in the media.

“Having some sort of standard lets both the public and producers know this person knows the medical facts, as opposed to a dog trainer that happens to be popular or someone who has a radio show,” Humphries says. “The goal is to grow and to establish the credibility and the recognition of journalistic standard in the veterinary profession amongst members of media.”

The certification process will include a review of a candidate’s professional credentials and previous media work, as well as a formal examination on the candidates understanding of the way their media of choice operates. Contributors can be certified for all kinds of media, from traditional print or broadcast to blogs and webcasts.

Veterinarians certified through ASJV will be able to display the “ASJV Seal of Certification” in their media products and use the “CVJ” designation in their professional title.

Humphries says re-examinations will likely occur every three years for veterinarians to maintain their certification.

Members of the ASVJ Board of Certification include: Lori Teller, DVM, DABVP, CVJ, Chair; Bernadine Cruz, DVM, CVJ; Thomas Dock, CVJ; Brian Hurley, DVM, CVJ; Tony Kremer, DVM, CVJ; and Debbie White, DVM, CVJ. The 2011 Board of Directors is made up of: Steve Hotchkiss, DVM, CVJ, president; James Humphries, DVM, CVJ, executive director; Arnold Goldman, DVM, CVJ; Mike Hutchinson, DVM; Aubrey Lavizzo, DVM; Dean Vicksman, DVM, CVJ; David Visser, DVM; Brian Voynick, DVM, CVA; and Mark Willis, CVJ.

Applications for ASVJ certification are available at