Veterinary product highlights from NAVC 2016

Veterinary product highlights from NAVC 2016

Whether launched, spotlighted or just generating some buzz, these veterinary products are on our radar post-Orlando.
Feb 02, 2016
By staff

Nonslip mats from Wellness Pet Mats

You: “Perfect height. Let’s palpate.”


Metal tables and exam counters that work for your medical needs can freak out pets. One solution is to retrofit them with a nonslip surface, like a Wellness PetMat. Thicker than their made-for-human counterparts, these one-inch-thick, rounded or rectangular mats promise to be antimicrobial, odor-free and nail-puncture-resistant. They’re also safe up to 400 F if you have heated exam tables or your clients have radiant floors at home. (Feet and legs bothering you? Yes, you can buy their made-for-human versions. The company even has a program for you to sell them for a profit to clients in your own practice.) To learn more, visit

Pathogen-busting cleaner from Virox

With some veterinary cleaning supplies, you can feel your nose hairs being burned right out of your head. Well, Rescue, available in a variety of concentrate and ready-to-use liquid sizes as well as wipes, promises to be different. (First off—because we know you’re wondering—yes, it gets parvo.) The product’s active ingredient, accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP), is easier on patients, staff, equipment and building materials but still promises to tackle a host of clinic bugaboos like parvovirus, canine distemper, Enterococcus, Microsporum canis, Streptococcus and ringworm. To learn more, visit

Wearable health monitor from Voyce

We’ve not quite yet arrived at the talking dog collar featured in Up, but technology is approaching our cinematic dreams. Take Voyce’s new wearable collar monitor, Voyce Pro. It’s a lightweight device that uses noninvasive sensors to collect such data as resting heart and respiratory rates, as well as activity metrics like intensity, calories burned and distance traveled. This data is transmitted wirelessly to veterinary practices, allowing doctors to track chronic conditions such as obesity, osteoarthritis and heart disease or to monitor compliance with cage rest instructions. The collar comes in three sizes and is waterproof and dustproof. The rechargeable battery life is up to seven days. Dug would be proud. To learn more, visit

Veterinary suture from Kruuse

Picture Scandinavian design (think Ikea or BoConcept): clean, simple, practical. Kruuse, based in Denmark, brings the great of the Dane to all its veterinary products, including its line of sutures and needles. For example, the suture comes in an easy-access pull-down drawer—which means you don’t have to fumble with packaging. With this kind of care and attention on the suture display case, imagine the design of the suture and needles themselves. The line, specifically tailored to the needs of the veterinary market, was designed to provide high and consistent quality, be affordable and easy to work with, and meet the needs of every surgery situation—from hamster to Percheron. Packaging clearly shows the name, size, length and color of sutures as well as the needle type and size. To learn more, visit

Endoscopic unit from Ambu

You snake your way through a long tunnel and suddenly enter the stomach in all its sloshing glory. Ambu lets you see and explore such previously unseen wonders in your very own veterinary clinic with the Ambu vScope 2. This lightweight and portable flexible videoscope features a low initial investment (MSRP is $4,600 for scope and monitor), high image quality and no maintenance costs. Suitable for rhinoscopy, sinoscopy, tracheal collapse, foreign body removal and more, the unit is available in a 5-mm- or 3.8-mm-diameter channel. It connects to the Ambu eView touch-screen monitor for image and video capture. To learn more, visit

Urine sediment analyzer from IDEXX

Idiot-proof urinalysis in three minutes with just four or five drops of urine. Really? Yes, according to IDEXX. The price point for this new urinalysis analyzer isn’t cheap—it’s comparable to the company’s other in-clinic analyzers—but it promises to end inscrutably blurry images under the microscope, self-doubt about your conclusions and tying up your team for hours when they could be doing other tasks. The SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer examines samples at a magnifcation of 45 high-power fields and then identifies and classifies elements within the sediment. The resulting high-resolution, high-contrast digital images can be shared in real time. To learn more, visit

Veterinary diets from Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo: Love ’em or hate ’em, they have found a way to connect with the pet owner psyche. Now the company has launched Blue Natural Veterinary Diets, which it’s calling “a natural alternative” for pets with specific medical conditions. The line will be available exclusively through veterinarians, with six varieties available: Blue HF Hydrolyzed Formulas for dogs and cats with food intolerance, Blue GI Gastrointestional Support Formula for cats with digestive issues, Blue WU Weight Management + Urinary Care for dogs and cats who need weight management and urinary health support, and Blue GI Gastrointestinal Support Formula for dogs with digestive issues. To learn more, visit

Multi-condition therapeutic diets from Royal Canin

Royal Canin has introduced a new veterinary-exclusive product line designed for cats and dogs with multiple health conditions. The four diets are available in the following formulas: Urinary + Calm for feline patients, to help manage lower urinary tract disease and anxiety-related conditions; Urinary + Satiety for feline or canine patients, to help manage urinary tract disease and obesity; Urinary + Hydrolyzed Protein available for feline or canine patients, to help manage lower urinary tract disease and food sensitivity; and Renal Support + Hydrolyzed Protein available for feline and canine patients, to help manage chronic kidney disease and food sensitivity. To learn more, visit

Clotting agent from Protege Biomedical

Protege Biomedical, manufacturer of ClotIt, a mineral-based hemostasis powder, has launched a new product, ClotIt Vet, designed specifically for veterinarians. ClotIt Vet stops bleeding in 16 seconds while being gentle on both domestic and larger animals. It’s available in a sterile single-dose applicator. A first aid kit is also available for emergency purposes for pet owners. To learn more, visit

Direct payment system from Trupanion

Introduced in 2013, Trupanion Express is a Web application that coordinates with an existing practice management system, allowing veterinary practices to be paid directly once a Trupanion insurance claim has been approved—usually within five minutes. Now compatible with 70 percent of existing practice management systems, the software can be installed in minutes, according to Trupanion. With policyholders not out of pocket for covered costs, they are more likely to accept plan A treatment recommendations immediately, Trupanion says. Plus, they’re less likely to use a credit card, meaning the practice pays fewer transaction fees. To learn more, visit

Google-friendly pet recovery system from Save This Life

Save This Life is a lost-pet recovery system that uses a combination of microchip, collar tag and Google to reunite pets and owners. Each Save This Life microchip number is searchable in Google. When someone finds a pet and Googles the microchip number, that person receives information to send a text or email to the pet owner. The owner then receives a GPS map of where the person who found the pet is located. The microchip is also readable by all universal scanners. For more information visit

Practice integration software from Henry Schein

Henry Schein’s Axis-Q is a piece of software that connects practice management systems to diagnostic instruments, enabling patients’ test results to be automatically entered into the electronic medical record. This reduces workflow steps, eliminates the need to repeat data entry, minimizes the potential for human error and automatically triggers billings for diagnostic tests. It also features a “Diagnostic Laboratory Whiteboard” that displays the status of all tests underway. Axis-Q works with Henry Schein’s software products—AVImark, ImproMed Infinity and ImproMed Triple Crown—and the instruments from Henry Schein diagnostics partners—Abaxis, Heska and scil. To learn more, visit