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Student news

Advice against insanity

What did Fetch dvm360 attendees in San Diego learn from playing the new game Veterinarians Against Insanity?

10 changes in Trump’s new tax plan: Who’s happy and who’s not?

There will be some happy purrs and angry barks in the veterinary world if these tax law changes take place.

Mind Over Miller: From dog catching to vet school

Persistence led Dr. Miller not only to his dream, but also to a lifelong friend and mentor.

Introducing the new Fetch dvm360 conference app

Whether you’re looking for opportunities to network, details about sessions you’re interested in or the location of that dermatology speaker, the Fetch dvm360 conference app has got you covered.

Should you give up solo equine practice?

That's a personal question: Can you make a plan and manage the headaches that come with more personnel and higher costs?


Fear, stress and pain—what about nausea?

Your postoperative veterinary patients will thank you if you consider this fourth key element of their well-being.

How to outwit refractory incontinence in dogs

You're trying to stop the leaks, but it's not working. Dr. India Lane says to run through this list to find and capture the culprit.

Tick tock, it's time to raise your arachnid radar

Much less of an occasional blip and more of a perpetual ping, the tick invasion is already in your area. Help your clients batten down the hatches and protect their pets.

New associates: Don't be daunted by clients (or yourself)

Veterinary medicine in the real world rarely follows what you’ve studied in your textbooks—often because of two human variables: yourself and your clients.

A strong veterinarian-farrier relationship is just plain horse sense

Collaborative partnerships between equine veterinarians and farriers support healthier hooves and horses.

The job search

For your consideration: The laddered noncompete

New veterinary talent wants noncompete language that won’t be unfairly burdensome. Employers want noncompete language that will hold up in court. Could a laddered noncompete serve both interests?

Contractually obligated: From bad to worse

Subtleties in wording can mean everything when addressing breach of contract situations. Learn from these examples given by Dr. Allen.

Resume, interview tips from a hiring manager

Write your next great resume or nail that next job interview at a veterinary practice with my tips from years of hiring and firing.

Choose your own adventure

Would you be happiest working at a small, privately owned veterinary practice or a larger corporate practice? Use these factors to help plot your career path.

Handout: Illegal hiring questions

Download a quick PDF with questions in a veterinary practice hiring interview that seem harmless on the surface but are actually discriminatory. Applicants, make sure your interview was on the level. Managers, make sure you review what you'll ask against this list of discriminatory subjects.