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Student news

On the spot: Dr. Margie Scherk

Dr. Scherk reveals her inspiration for pursuing a career in veterinary medicine and what she thinks is the biggest challenge facing the profession today.

Purdue launches veterinary pharmacy residency

Program will certify pharmacists as veterinary pharmaceutical experts.

On the spot: Dr. Michael Petty, Animal Pain Center, Canton, Mich.

In this video, Dr. Petty shares advice for new grads and stories from his career—including the tale of the runaway “circus” dog.

Large animal veterinary students receive $5,000 scholarships

AABP and Zoetis award annual grants to encourage food animal practice.

On the spot: Dr. Jeff Werber

Advice on how to maintain lifelong enthusiasm for your work in veterinary medicine—plus the oddest thing he remembers a client doing.


Aminocaproic acid's effectiveness as a hemostatic agent after gonadectomy

This study investigated whether aminocaproic acid can help with delayed bleeding after spays or neuters in retired racing greyhounds.

Video: How to perform a belt-loop gastropexy

Prevent GDV in your at-risk patients with this simple technique.

Video: Bracing for cranial cruciate ligament injury

Are braces an OK option for treating this common injury in canines?

Postoperative enrichment techniques for pets

While it's good to introduce enrichment exercises to patients postoperatively, it's important not to overdo it or do it too soon after surgery. In this video, veterinary behaviorist Dr. Ellen Lindell offers tips to safely enrich pets' lives during their recovery.

CAPC Tick of the Month: Western blacklegged ticks

Think that because summer is over you can stop worrying about ticks? Dr. Mike Dryden explains when and where you should be looking for Western blacklegged ticks.

The job search

Looking for a job as an associate veterinarian? Set yourself apart as a candidate

Take it from an owner who’s recently hired: These tips will put you at the top of the list.

Quick tips to grow your veterinary career

Take your job to the next level with this advice to take charge of your career path.

Fla. veterinary students learn practice management skills through new externship

Program considered 'essential' to students hoping to own a veterinary practice.

10 ways to get a veterinary team job

Use these hints to avoid common resume mistakes and learn how to stand out to veterinary employers with an introduction that spells, "Hire me."

Graduation levels hold the line

But the total number of new veterinary graduates could jump 18 percent by 2017.