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I was blinded by fear. Don't be like me.

I helped my overworked, stressed-out, freaking-out self by creating a support group online for veterinarians and veterinary team members who feel the same way.

How much is my veterinary degree worth?

To answer this question, let’s look at investment costs, lifetime earnings and intangible benefits.

That 'out of control' feeling in veterinary medicine

Do you pull the strings in your life and career? Or do you think luck, fate and other people are the deciding factor in your happiness and success?

Go inward: How locus of control can save you

Believing you have some control over the events in your life is crucial to happiness and could make a huge difference in your personal life and veterinary career.

Stock vs. asset practice sale: Who cares?

Turns out, maybe everybody—eager veterinary associate and practice owner veteran alike. It's just not usually a big fight, says veterinary practice management guru Dr. Karen Felsted.


Watch for dogs' nonverbal cues in the veterinary clinic

Body language lets you get an early indicator of where the dog is, emotionally, says behaviorist Dr. John Ciribassi.

Got a pyoderma? Step away from the systemics

At least until you know you need them, that is. For bacterial overgrowth and superficial cases, topical therapy may be all you need for your veterinary patients.

Journal Scan: The potential prognostic value of NT-proBNP assays in cats with congestive heart failure

Comparing a cat's initial concentration of this assay with the results at discharge and during follow-up may help assess survival time.

The faces of chronic pain in the veterinary clinic

The last thing you want is to allow a pet to experience or subsist in pain. Take a trip through this photo gallery to make sure your pain detector is set on high and ready to take action.

Rounding up roundworms: Smart parasitology control for foals and young horses

Equine veterinarians can educate horse owners and farm managers about the risk of using a ‘same-old, same-old’ approach to deworming—and offer a custom approach for each farm.

The job search

Contractually obligated: From bad to worse

Subtleties in wording can mean everything when addressing breach of contract situations. Learn from these examples given by Dr. Allen.

Resume, interview tips from a hiring manager

Write your next great resume or nail that next job interview at a veterinary practice with my tips from years of hiring and firing.

Choose your own adventure

Would you be happiest working at a small, privately owned veterinary practice or a larger corporate practice? Use these factors to help plot your career path.

Handout: Illegal hiring questions

Download a quick PDF with questions in a veterinary practice hiring interview that seem harmless on the surface but are actually discriminatory. Applicants, make sure your interview was on the level. Managers, make sure you review what you'll ask against this list of discriminatory subjects.

Law school grads or vet school grads: Who's got it worse?

Veterinary economists weigh costs and benefits of both degrees to determine how many graduates is too many for these similar industries.