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Student news

Students report instances of 'problematic language' at veterinary schools

AAVMC research says students still hearing sexist, racist and homophobic comments from professors and other students.

A gallery of meow-sterpieces

Paintings become that much better with a pudgy tabby cat added into the mix, don’t you agree?

In case of emergency: Helping people escape with their pets

Help veterinary clients put together a "go bag" to be ready for disasters like hurricanes, wildfires or tornadoes.

Alternatives for the opioid shortage, or Simbadol saves the day

Fear of human drug abuse has affected our work in veterinary hospitals. Here are some alternatives to opioids you should use whether or not we ever get our preferred pain relief drugs back.

Veterinary internships are stranger than fiction

I can’t make this stuff up, and I don’t have to.


Clinical bioethics meets Fear Free veterinary care

Tenets from human medicine apply in your practice.

The ABCs of veterinary dentistry: ‘O’ is for oral masses of the malignant kind

The histopathology report from the oral biopsy came back as malignant—now what? Surgery? Radiation? Chemotherapy? Watchful waiting?

'One Spay More': a revolutionary final project

Creative veterinary students go all in on a must-see Les Miserables parody.

Cushing's confusion? Ask a veterinary endocrinologist

You know all those questions you have about managing Cushing's disease, like what do those numbers on the low-dose dexamethasone suppression test mean? We have the answers, courtesy of Dr. David Bruyette!

Photobiomodulation facts and functions in veterinary rehab

More commonly known as laser therapy, let's take a look at what we currently know about how it can help many of your veterinary patients.

The job search

The 10 résumé commandments for associate veterinarians

Want to make sure that document you’ve labored over lands you your dream job? Follow these edicts.

What to expect when you’re expecting … to dispute your noncompete

Noncompete terms are the gifts that keep on giving well after you leave a veterinary practice. If you’re hoping to get out of yours, here’s a picture of how that could go—as well as some words of advice.

Why pals can be a problem for departing doctors

Imagine you decide to leave your veterinary practice and your coworker wants to follow. If you aren’t careful, you could end up in court.

For your consideration: The laddered noncompete

New veterinary talent wants noncompete language that won’t be unfairly burdensome. Employers want noncompete language that will hold up in court. Could a laddered noncompete serve both interests?

Contractually obligated: From bad to worse

Subtleties in wording can mean everything when addressing breach of contract situations. Learn from these examples given by Dr. Allen.