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Biz Essentials: Stress, burnout and time management

Tools, tips and plans to calm down, save your passion for practice and manage the day-to-day craziness of veterinary practice.

Mind Over Miller: Hold off on choosing your animal specialty

Young veterinary grads will be smarter and more career-flexible if they look to mixed practice for their first job.

The garden of our lives

You reap what you sow in harvest and orchards ... and in veterinary practice. The same goes for the thoughts you think and the stories you tell yourself about your strong feelings.

3 appealing productivity apps

Make your day in veterinary practice and life easier. Get your urgent work reminders, big life projects and personal #goals out of your head and into a reminder and task management system.

AAVMC wellness summit: Progress made and a path forward

International gathering of students and professionals tackles problems with veterinary well-being from every perspective.


The ABCs of veterinary dentistry: "G" is for gingiva

As you are readily familiar, if this vital oral tissue that protects the teeth becomes inflamed, a progressive and painful disease can develop if not halted with good dental care.

Stop the worry and love the head halter

Well-timed treats are key to overcoming dogs' initial objections to this form of guidance while on a leash.

Senior vs. geriatric: Semantics or significant?

Why these words aren't interchangeable and what this means for your veterinary patients.

Advanced surgical extractions: From awful to awfully simple

Handy dos and don’ts from a veterinary dentist to make sure your next extraction case isn’t a pain.

Don't be misled—heed cytology and biopsies

Oh, those vexing veterinary dermatologic signs. Don't be fooled by them—examine samples first.

The job search

Handout: Illegal hiring questions

Download a quick PDF with questions in a veterinary practice hiring interview that seem harmless on the surface but are actually discriminatory. Applicants, make sure your interview was on the level. Managers, make sure you review what you'll ask against this list of discriminatory subjects.

Law school grads or vet school grads: Who's got it worse?

Veterinary economists weigh costs and benefits of both degrees to determine how many graduates is too many for these similar industries.

Equine veterinary associates: Getting out from under the boss's shadow

How practice managers and owners can make sure their newest doctor is a success.

Insert directly into trashcan

A list of the worst veterinary career advice I’ve ever received (and promptly discarded)

Looking for a job as an associate veterinarian? Set yourself apart as a candidate

Take it from an owner who’s recently hired: These tips will put you at the top of the list.