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Grandma’s big secret

You want to help an older client and an aging pet. You don’t want to be the subject of a police investigation.

Vetting the viability of new equipment

Can Dr. Greenskin convince her scrimping superior that investing in an ultrasound machine is prudent for both their patients and their pocketbooks?

4 ways pet owners talk themselves into euthanasia

Euthanasia can be a gift, or euthanasia can be a frustrating choice. Help clients at your veterinary practice do it at the right time for the right reasons.

Data: Self-care for a bad day in veterinary practice

When today sucks, here's what your veterinary colleagues do to deal.

Advice for a bad day

You’re a good person. Your team members are good people. Clients ready to pick a fight don’t have to bring down your whole veterinary practice’s mood. Get some perspective, laugh about it, and get through it.


Toxins that lurk in plain sight

Help veterinary clients keep their furry friends safe with these handouts of common indoor and outdoor plants that can be toxic to pets.

3 wonderful trends in veterinary anesthesia

An anesthesiologist shares his excitement about trends in anesthesia, sedation and calming medications for cats and dogs.

Exploring the new frontier in pain management

New options to spur on our continuing mission—to ease the pain of our veterinary patients.

Myofascial pain: Working out the knots

Learn more about this officially recognized pain syndrome in pets and people.

Ins and outs of using contrast medium to evaluate the urinary tract

Veterinary radiologist Dr. Anthony Pease's thoughts on this quick and easy form of assessment.

The job search

Looking for a job as an associate veterinarian? Set yourself apart as a candidate

Take it from an owner who’s recently hired: These tips will put you at the top of the list.

Quick tips to grow your veterinary career

Take your job to the next level with this advice to take charge of your career path.

Fla. veterinary students learn practice management skills through new externship

Program considered 'essential' to students hoping to own a veterinary practice.

10 ways to get a veterinary team job

Use these hints to avoid common resume mistakes and learn how to stand out to veterinary employers with an introduction that spells, "Hire me."

Graduation levels hold the line

But the total number of new veterinary graduates could jump 18 percent by 2017.