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Letter to dvm360: Buyer beware on internship opportunities

While it may seem like an ideal coaching situation, this ‘practice owner internship’ may not benefit the participants as much as the directors.

VIN Foundation launches new student debt tool

The online Student Debt Center helps veterinary students understand and navigate their loan and repayment options.

Toxic coworkers: When bark is as bad as bite

When conflict festers and communication is angry or chilled, patients, clients and team members suffer. If you don’t believe it’s true, you’re in the minority in veterinary practice. Look at the numbers, thoughts from your colleagues in the survey, and insights from our resident emotional intelligence guru Shawn McVey, MSW.

Your Veterinary Voice Episode 10: Jenifer Chatfield, DVM, DACZM

Chatfield shares her tips on finding an alternative career in veterinary medicine, her worries about the next big zoonotic disease, and her all-American approach to pet ownership.

A day in the life of a veterinary student

Ever wondered how veterinary school has changed since you graduated? Here’s what my students at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine do in a busy day.


Putting the preventive into flea allergy dermatitis

Advice to allay "Just what am I giving my pet?" veterinary client concerns about flea control products.

Feline hypoadrenocorticism: Yes, cats get Addison’s disease too

While there’s no cure for this adrenal condition, cats can achieve their full life expectancy with appropriate treatment.

Oh yes, it’s the great pretender

According to CVC speaker and expert Dr. Chen Gilor, veterinarians should be screening more patients for hypoadrenocorticism or risk missing a diagnosis.

Client handout: How to conduct a limited-antigen diet trial

Help pet owners get a handle on their pet’s nutrition needs with this printable tool.

Not just quelling a kidney catastrophe!

New cartridge for blood-filtration promises cleaner blood for more than just veterinary renal conditions.

The job search

Handout: Illegal hiring questions

Download a quick PDF with questions in a veterinary practice hiring interview that seem harmless on the surface but are actually discriminatory. Applicants, make sure your interview was on the level. Managers, make sure you review what you'll ask against this list of discriminatory subjects.

Law school grads or vet school grads: Who's got it worse?

Veterinary economists weigh costs and benefits of both degrees to determine how many graduates is too many for these similar industries.

Equine veterinary associates: Getting out from under the boss's shadow

How practice managers and owners can make sure their newest doctor is a success.

Insert directly into trashcan

A list of the worst veterinary career advice I’ve ever received (and promptly discarded)

Looking for a job as an associate veterinarian? Set yourself apart as a candidate

Take it from an owner who’s recently hired: These tips will put you at the top of the list.