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Student news

Letters to Vetted: Yeah, that IS how I’d change vet school!

'If I ruled the world' … Dr. Sarah Wooten would have done her education a little differently. These readers, largely, agreed.

3 tips for making veterinary house calls

This company offers their years-tested marketing, financial help, phone-call support and more for a franchise fee and a cut of your profits. Whether you want to go with a house-call company like MVS or go it alone, here’s some advice about which clients love house calls and what steps to take to make sure you do it right.

Treating stress with sweat: A top prescription for veterinary students

Regular exercise can help us handle not only the grueling years of vet school but the stresses we’ll face throughout our professional lives.

What I learned from Franklin Covey

Veterinary economics isn’t always about big financial trends. Sometimes it’s about drilling down to what you’re trying to do in your practice and trying out a new process, like this one, to get there.

The pathogenesis of a veterinarian

It takes years of blood, sweat and tears to get a veterinary degree, but it can take about five seconds in the real world to feel clinically incompetent.


Handle concerns about the price of heartworm prevention

Money makes the world go ‘round. It’s also a large reason your veterinary clients won’t buy the preventives their pets need. Here are some tips from the experts to explain the value to pet owners.

A checklist for safer surgeries

Studies in both human and veterinary medicine have shown that implementing surgical safety checklists can reduce postoperative complications. Perhaps it's time to try it in your practice?

Journal Scan: In veterinary surgery, check thrice, cut once

Can a simple safety checklist reduce veterinary surgical complications?

Veterinary radiology update: mixing modalities with fusion

Blending imaging techniques such as CT and ultrasound in real time provides unprecedented perspectives of patients.

Coughs of the brain: Seizure control in dogs with idiopathic epilepsy

What new treatment protocols, formulations, food or drugs are now available or on the horizon to treat seizures—those coughs of the brain—in your veterinary patients?

The job search

The 10 résumé commandments for associate veterinarians

Want to make sure that document you’ve labored over lands you your dream job? Follow these edicts.

What to expect when you’re expecting … to dispute your noncompete

Noncompete terms are the gifts that keep on giving well after you leave a veterinary practice. If you’re hoping to get out of yours, here’s a picture of how that could go—as well as some words of advice.

Why pals can be a problem for departing doctors

Imagine you decide to leave your veterinary practice and your coworker wants to follow. If you aren’t careful, you could end up in court.

For your consideration: The laddered noncompete

New veterinary talent wants noncompete language that won’t be unfairly burdensome. Employers want noncompete language that will hold up in court. Could a laddered noncompete serve both interests?

Contractually obligated: From bad to worse

Subtleties in wording can mean everything when addressing breach of contract situations. Learn from these examples given by Dr. Allen.