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Student news

Old School, New School: Drexit strategy

Dr. Codger dreams and schemes about how to hand off his responsibilities at his veterinary practice—and perhaps still receive a paycheck. But will Greenskin bite?

60 seconds or less: Social media must-haves for veterinary practice

CVC educator Dr. Caitlin DeWilde lays out social media and website needs for the beginner, the journeyman and the advanced veterinary practice manager or owner.

COE rejects University of Arizona's veterinary school proposal a second time

The novel-concept veterinary school can reapply for accreditation in June.

4 ways to count on happiness in the CVC exhibit hall

The classes and labs guarantee education at a conference like CVC, but don't count out the exhibit hall when it comes learning about new technology at your own pace.

What’s that smell? Not an anal gland expression!

We’ve rounded up our best tips on making this smelly procedure stink less.


Shelter Snapshot: What to put in that spray bottle

Tips for your practice from an animal shelter on which disinfectants to turn to and why it matters.

Quick update: What to know about allergic otitis in cats

Otitis in cats may not be common in your veterinary clinic—but here's a quick update to prep for the next time you see a cat with itchy ears.

Ixnay on the IBD: An update on handling patients with chronic enteropathies

When it comes to chronic gastrointestinal cases, it’s time to throw out your outdated terms and diagnoses.

Pleased to eat you: Pointers for introducing cats to food puzzles

If your veterinary clients think food puzzles need no introduction, they’ll likely end up with bored, frustrated felines. Share these tips for easing cats into the idea of working for their food.

The intricate interrelationship of T4 and free T4 in diagnosing feline hyperthyroidism

Dr. Chen Gilor illuminates two common mistakes you may be making when diagnosing this common endocrine disease.

The job search

Contractually obligated: From bad to worse

Subtleties in wording can mean everything when addressing breach of contract situations. Learn from these examples given by Dr. Allen.

Resume, interview tips from a hiring manager

Write your next great resume or nail that next job interview at a veterinary practice with my tips from years of hiring and firing.

Choose your own adventure

Would you be happiest working at a small, privately owned veterinary practice or a larger corporate practice? Use these factors to help plot your career path.

Handout: Illegal hiring questions

Download a quick PDF with questions in a veterinary practice hiring interview that seem harmless on the surface but are actually discriminatory. Applicants, make sure your interview was on the level. Managers, make sure you review what you'll ask against this list of discriminatory subjects.

Law school grads or vet school grads: Who's got it worse?

Veterinary economists weigh costs and benefits of both degrees to determine how many graduates is too many for these similar industries.