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Foiled veterinary student debt solutions—a dvm360 diagram

Want innovative ways to tackle your student debt? This veterinarian has done the thinking through it for you.

Don't be scared of money

You’re not "in it for the money" as a veterinary professional, but you can't ignore the fact that you need money to keep practices open and you working. This year, make a New Year's resolution (or two or three) to better manage your personal accounts, your career and your practice finances this year.

Your Veterinary Voice, Episode 19: Dr. Hilal Dogan and the Fetch dvm360 conference "Nurture" pillar

Meditation, yoga, self-care. It's about keeping yourself together so you can give your best to patients.

Protect your thyroid

I got sick after decades of taking radiographs as a veterinary technician. Learn from my mistakes. Protect yourself.

I love my receptionists

Pay attention to the needs of your veterinary hospital's receptionists. They do a terrific job every day to keep problems in the front from affecting the veterinarians in the back.


Swipe left to get it right: Avoiding ethics exhaustion by matching with the right veterinary team

Determine how you’d handle certain situations, like convenience euthanasia, and how your ideals fit in with a practice’s culture before making a match during the hiring process.

Fear Free quick tip: Pot holders good for more than just the kitchen

Veterinary teams can use a few inexpensive silicone pot holders to distract canine patients, says Dr. Julie Reck.

When the Christmas list includes a furry friend: Advice for pet-giving clients

Puppies and kittens are gifts that keep on giving (and taking your things and ripping them to shreds). Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Julia Albright provides some points for potential pet-gifters to ponder before placing a new companion under the Christmas tree.

“Can I use coconut oil as Fifi’s fat source?”

If questions about coconut oil are popping up in your exam room, just a spoonful of advice from veterinary nutritionist Dr. Angela Rollins should help give you some direction.

Foiled veterinary student debt solutions—a dvm360 diagram

Want innovative ways to tackle your student debt? This veterinarian has done the thinking through it for you.

The job search

Veterinary internships: Examining their value in an era of six-figure debt

If a new graduate wants to to spread her wings in a structured learning environment, the cost of delayed earning may be too high—unless she plans to transform into a specialist.

The 10 résumé commandments for associate veterinarians

Want to make sure that document you’ve labored over lands you your dream job? Follow these edicts.

What to expect when you’re expecting … to dispute your noncompete

Noncompete terms are the gifts that keep on giving well after you leave a veterinary practice. If you’re hoping to get out of yours, here’s a picture of how that could go—as well as some words of advice.

Why pals can be a problem for departing doctors

Imagine you decide to leave your veterinary practice and your coworker wants to follow. If you aren’t careful, you could end up in court.

For your consideration: The laddered noncompete

New veterinary talent wants noncompete language that won’t be unfairly burdensome. Employers want noncompete language that will hold up in court. Could a laddered noncompete serve both interests?