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Articles by Safdar A. Khan, DVM, MS, PhD, DABVT

Safdar A. Khan, DVM, MS, PhD, DABVT

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
1717 S. Philo Road, Suite 36
Urbana, IL 61802

The poison in the pond: Blue-green algae toxicosis in a young dog
February 1, 2014

A look at the presenting signs, diagnosis and treatment of blue-green algae toxicosis in a 9-month-old German shepherd mix.

Toxicology Brief: Hydroxyurea toxicosis in dogs and cats
August 1, 2011

Acute toxicosis with this antineoplastic drug can result in life-threatening signs.

Managing strychnine poisoning
June 1, 2010

The ASPCA APCC reports 146 strychnine poisoning cases throughout the United States.

Toxicology Brief: Brunfelsia species: Beautiful but deadly
March 1, 2008

This article describes the clinical signs and treatment of Brunfelsia species toxicosis in dogs.


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