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Articles by Avi Blake, DVM

Avi Blake, DVM

Dr. Blake is a freelance technical editor and writer in Eudora, Kan.

Journal Scan: An alternative insulin for diabetic dogs
August 20, 2012

Some diabetic dogs are insufficiently controlled with NPH insulin. Here's a look at a possible alternative.

Journal Scan: Is there an easy screening test for canine hypoadrenocorticism?
August 1, 2012

A sodium:potassium ratio combined with white blood cell counts may hold the key to diagnosis.

Darbepoetin for anemia in cats with CKD
July 9, 2012

Can this drug help eliminate this complication of chronic kidney disease in cats?

Hot Literature: Managing canine demodicosis: Practical guidelines for all practitioners
July 1, 2012

An overview of news guidelines for diagnosing and treating this dermatologic disease in dogs.

Journal Scan: Do you need only three days to treat an uncomplicated UTI?
June 25, 2012

This study explored the efficacy of a three-day course of enrofloxacin in dogs.

Does wet food equal slimmer cats?
June 1, 2012

Examining the effects of water content on food intake, energy intake, and body weight and composition in cats.

Keeping up with the standards of care: A review of when and how to perform a complete bone marrow evaluation
June 1, 2012

When hematologic changes are evident and a blood smear alone does not provide enough information to make a diagnosis, a complete bone marrow evaluation is often indicated.

Hot Literature: A new treatment for ivermectin toxicosis, and more?
June 1, 2012

Is intravenous lipid emulsion a new potential cure for serveral drug toxicoses?

Journal Scan: Tackling feline eosinophilic plaques with antibiotics
April 2, 2012

A recent study evaluated naturally occurring feline eosinophilic plaques and lip ulcers for secondary infections and to determine the response to antibiotic therapy.


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