Video game turns players into veterinarians

Video game turns players into veterinarians

Nov 15, 2007
By staff

Edison, N.J. - 11/15/07 - Nintendo is the latest platform to enhance veterinary medicine education, allowing players - whether they're pet owners, kids or DVMs looking for more practice - to diagnose and treat animal medical cases.

Made for Nintendo DS?, Pet Pals: Animal Doctor teaches techniques to provide veterinary care for 23 different pets, including a Yorkshire terrier, turtle, rabbit, Siamese cat, hamster and python.

"Millions of people are pet owners but few have in-depth knowledge of the behind-the-scenes care required to keep our beloved animals healthy," says Gui Karyo, vice president of operations for Majesco Entertainment Company , the game's provider. "Pet Pals: Animal Doctor is a fun, challenging game that will give DS owners a better understanding of veterinary medicine as they treat animals via realistic Touch Screen Procedures."

Thirty different medical cases, from broken bones to hairballs were created by real veterinarians. Players must successfully administer more than 40 Touch Screen tests and procedures while handling nervous and scared patients and owners.

After treatment is completed, players can then visit their patients in the Recovery Room to offer the post-treatment care of cleaning, feeding, playing and interacting with the animals.

Set to launch early next year, the game will retail at $19.99.