Virbac, Greer unveil new partnership

Virbac, Greer unveil new partnership

Apr 15, 2009
Fort Worth, Texas -- Virbac and Greer Laboratories inked a new alliance yesterday to offer DVMs a comprehensive approach to handling dermatological cases.

The goals of the collaboration, according to company officials, are to:

• Provide more dermatology educational resources for general practitioners
• Raise awareness of appropriate diagnostic protocols
• Help general practitioners (and pet owners) better manage allergies, earlier
• Offer guidelines on when a referral may be the best option

Virbac's dermatological line focuses on allergic dermatitis, infectious dermatitis, keratoseborrheic disorders and otitis externa. Greer is considered one of the largest U.S. providers of immunotherapy testing and treatment.

Other details of the collaboration were not disclosed.

"The goal of this partnership is to help general-practice veterinarians feel more prepared to educate pet owners and to manage allergy cases with confidence," says Curtis L. Andrews, executive vice president of commercial operations at Greer.

"The joint effort is a great way to bring our different and complementary strengths together to make dermatology casework easier for veterinarians," adds Monique Schwartz, Virbac's vice president of marketing.