Virginia law would create new animal welfare committees

Virginia law would create new animal welfare committees

Mar 01, 2010
By staff

RICHMOND, VA. — Virginia lawmakers are taking note of the animal-welfare movement and have decided to create a new subcommittee to give greater attention to the state's welfare issues.

Veterinarians, however, won't play a large role in the new committee.

The joint subcommittee will study institutional design of animal welfare and enforcement, according to the resolution, introduced Jan. 11. The 16-member committee will include eight legislative members, seven non-legislative citizen members and one ex officio member. The ex officio position will be filled by the state veterinarian or his or her designee, and he or she will not be granted voting privileges on the subcommittee.

The committee would examine best management practices in Virginia and other states for animal humane law enforcement and regulation; the most effective standards for training and supervising animal control officers; and possible conflicts between animal welfare and animal health professionals.