VPI Pet Insurance counts the poisons that send dogs to the veterinary hospital

Jul 31, 2010
By dvm360.com staff
Brea, Calif. -- VPI Pet Insurance has released numbers on the most common toxins behind its pet poisoning claims after trips to the veterinarian.

VPI reports its policyholders spent more than $6.6 million between 2005 and 2009 treating their pets for poisoning.

Accidental ingestion of pet or human medications drugs was the most common source of pet poisoning claims between 2005 and 2009, costing policyholders an average of $791 per claim and accounting for nearly 25 percent of the total poisoning claims.

The most expensive type of poisoning, heavy metal poisoning, cost an average of $952 per claim.

These are the number of claims by toxin for VPI Pet Insurance claims from 2005 to 2009.

Poison / No. of claims
Drug reactions/accidental ingestion of drugs: 5,131
Rodenticide: 4,028
Methylxanthine: 3,661
Plant poisoning: 2,808
Household chemicals: 1,669
Metaldehyde: 396
Insecticide/organophosphate: 323
Heavy metal toxicity: 288
Toad poisoning: 270
Antifreeze: 213
Walnuts: 100
Alcohol: 75
Strychnine: 28

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