Web site provides free online advice

Web site provides free online advice

Feb 26, 2008
By dvm360.com staff

Austin, Texas - 2/26/08 - Televets.com , a first-of-its-kind free online service, gives owners the ability to submit questions about their pet and receive an answer from a licensed veterinary professional within 24 hours.

Aimed at canine, feline, reptile and equine owners, the site also allows owners to submit photos to aid veterinarians or technicians in providing appropriate advice. But the online source cautions that it does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Founded by British veterinarians Drs. Matthew Homfray and David Brooks, the site also posts expert-written pet-care articles and information about additional pet care services available through the site.

"We know people care a great deal for their pets, but we also know that many are worried about vet costs or are unable to get to a vet easily," Brooks says. "We hope this can bridge the gap for non-emergency concerns that might be relieved at home. Ultimately, it gives pet owners the information to make better pet care decisions."