What do disappearing insects, pollution, the black plague and veterinary practice have in common?

What do disappearing insects, pollution, the black plague and veterinary practice have in common?

The answer: One Health. Such a significant movement—and you’re a vital part!
Nov 03, 2017

Happy One Health Day! Every year on November 3, International One Health Day is observed around the world. So on this day, we at dvm360 want to take a moment to remind you of how important you and your team are to the interdisciplinary collaboration that is at the core of the One Health movement.

Veterinarians and their teams are involved in many of the areas that fall under the One Health umbrella. You provide veterinary care for cats, dogs, horses and exotic pets to prevent zoonoses from spreading to their human families and to preserve the human-animal bond for as many years as possible. You know a lot about vector-borne and parasitic infections and how to prevent them, perhaps more than your counterparts in human medicine. You strive to ensure food safety and are at the forefront of combating antimicrobial resistance. You work on technology and procedures that one day may translate to human medicine, or the converse; you are working to adapt human medical advances to the veterinary field.

And you see One Health connections everywhere you look. When you see science bulletins such as “Flying Insects Are Disappearing at Huge Rates, And We Should All Be Worried,” you’re knowledgeable enough to understand the implications—and you see the connections. Or when you see news articles such as “Pollution linked to 9 million deaths worldwide each year,” you’re concerned about pollution’s effects on animals, as well as humanity—and you see the connections. Or when you read about current events like the deadly black plague outbreak in Madagascar, you know Yersinia is usually transmitted through flea bites and rodents are involved—and you see the connections.

Should you ever doubt the importance of your role in One Health, please take just 13 minutes to watch this inspiring TEDx Talk, “The One Health Movement; Animals, Environment, and Us,” by Ralph Richardson, DVM, ACVIM (Internal Medicine and Oncology), former dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University.

We also suggest you share with clients that your veterinary team is an integral part of the larger One Health movement. You might share one of these short engaging videos with your clients:

We at dvm360 think your daily work is vital to the One Health movement, and on this particular day we want that realization to really and truly sink in.

P.S. Maybe you can celebrate One Health Day by going to see the new Jane movie, chronicling the career of Jane Goodall. Connections everywhere, I tell you!