World-renowned reproduction specialist joins Penn Veterinary Medicine

World-renowned reproduction specialist joins Penn Veterinary Medicine

Apr 09, 2009
By staff
Kennett Square, Pa. -- One of the world's foremost leaders in animal reproduction now heads the Hofmann Research Center for Animal Reproduction at Penn Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Dirk Vanderwall is chief of the reproduction section and director of the Hofmann center, leading the school's large-animal section on reproduction.

Recognized in 2005 as the world's top veterinarian specializing in animal reproduction by the American College of Theriogenologists, Vanderwall's research priority at Penn Vet will be sub-fertility in older mares by studying egg quality in older mares and implanting eggs from sub-fertile mares into young mares.

Vanderwall was part of the 2003 team from the University of Idaho and Utah State University that successfully produced three mule clones.

"Dr. Vanderwall brings an extraordinary level of expertise and visionary academic leadership to this position," says Dr. Gary Althouse, chief of Clinical Studies.

Vanderwall's objective is to enhance his department's role within the school and university, integrate core activities of the department, develop promising areas of research and teaching and work with other department chairs in furthering the school's mission.

He earned his DVM degree in 1986 from Cornell University, a doctorate in animal physiology in 1992 from the University of Idaho and continued post-doctoral studies at the University of Kentucky.