World Veterinary Day, forum for rural-veterinarian shortage


World Veterinary Day, forum for rural-veterinarian shortage

May 02, 2005
By staff

CLEVELAND - 5/2/05 - The World Veterinary Association sponsored World Veterinary Day as a worldwide event April 30, but the day does not receive its just recognition according to authorities.

The day of recognition is becoming more important officials say, as veterinarians are relied on to protect the country's food supply and work on the fronline to prevent animal disease from transferring to people.

The association is an affiliate of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and was established in 1863.

This year, the theme for the reserved day was "Veterinarians meeting the needs of Society."

The association reports that less than 25 percent of U.S. veterinarians are involved with large animal medicine.

According to AVMA, 19 years ago, 45 percent of their members gave medical care to large animals.

Dr. Roger Mahr, president-elect for AVMA says World Veterinary Day is a great way to address the veterinary shortage in this area and plans to address the issue once he takes office in July.