Wound Management - Introduction

Wound Management - Introduction

Feb 01, 2002
By dvm360.com staff

DVM Newsmagazine takes a look at the recent advances made in wound care management.

Recent developments in the new types of bandages, medications and surgical techniques have now made it possible for animals to recover from severe injuries.

In this issue, we have asked board-certified surgeons and wound care experts in both small and large animal medicine to tackle some of the challenges practitioners face in selecting the right course of treatment in wound care.

From equine leg injuries and paw pad abrasions to assessing contaminated wounds, this supplement will provide veterinarians with new information so they can continue to build on the quality of medicine they practice.

DVM Newsmagazine would like to especially thank Kendall Animal Health for sponsoring this special issue. We appreciate their commitment to educating the veterinary profession.