WSAVA recommends titer testing in vaccine guidelines

Jun 06, 2013
By staff

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has published its 2013 Vaccination Guidelines For New Puppy Owners.

The 2013 guidelines support titer testing and specifically mentioned VacciCheck and TiterChek as two options.

“Two new in-practice titer-testing kits are now available which will allow your vet to do a titre test very quickly, without sending the blood sample to a laboratory. Ask your vet to look into this less expensive option. One kit is called VacciCheck (Biogal Laboratories) and the other is called TiterChek (Zoetis),” the new guidelines state. The World Small Animal Veterinary Association issued the guidelines to veterinary surgeons and dog owners. It aims to ensure that dogs are protected from infectious disease, while reducing the number of vaccines that are given routinely.

The basic principles the guidelines discuss are aiming to vaccinate every animal with core vaccines, not giving vaccines needlessly, defining non-core vaccines and strongly supporting annual health checks. The full text of the guidelines is available on WSAVA’s website at